Types of Bonds & Surety

Deferred Consideration Bond
Provides protection when selling an asset for payment over an extended period. An example would be selling a business or property where payment will be made over a number of years.
Duty Deferment Bond
Allows you to import goods and delay payment of the duty for an extended period, to relieve pressure on your cash flow.
Performance Bond
Typically required to confirm the performance of a service to allow the granting of a contract. It offers security to the party issuing the contract that the contractor is able to fulfil the contract. 
Retention Bond
Issued in favour of an employer where they have agreed to waive their right to reduction of retention monies from sums owed to the contractor for work performed. The bond represents the retention percentage, which usually ranges between 3% and 5% of the contract price. 
Tender Bond
Gives security to employers against the risk of the successful bidder failing to enter into the contract.  
Advance Payment Guarantee
Provides protection where you make payment prior to receiving the goods or services. 
Commercial Performance Guarantee
Provides a solution to support legitimate financial transactions, other than the raising of capital, subject to suitable collateral support.. 
Rent Guarantee
 Gives security to the property owner that the tenant can pay their rent.  
Supplier Payment Guarantee
Gives security to a supplier that they will be paid for the goods or services that they supply on credit. This can be particularly useful where traditional Credit Insurance is not available.

The bondsman or guarantor will often require some security, such as director guarantees or cash collateral.

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