Import & Export Finance

Import & export finance makes international trade easier and can greatly increase the purchasing power of the importer. We work with the leading import and export financiers in the UK, combining our expertise in risk mitigation with their resource and willingness to fund single or whole transactions.

Import finance most often works on the basis of Letters of Credit. 100% funding is available and there is no impact on your current bank funding facilities. In addition to strengthening your financial position, this type of finance ensures continuity of supply and gives suppliers more confidence in the transaction.

There are various forms of Letters of Credit available in the market to support different transactions. We can help guide you in which form of finance would be most suitable for your needs. Our expertise also extends into Purchase Finance and Supplier Finance, which many companies use successfully as these transactions can be ‘off-balance sheet’.

Export finance typically provides funding for up to 85% of the invoice value. There is no restriction on the level of Export sales and our global partners have the ability to handle multi currency ledgers.

With both finance options, the primary goal is to allow companies to trade overseas with more freedom and confidence. The combination of proven credit worthiness, liquid capital and guaranteed payment terms will allow your business to take advantage of new markets and compete on a global scale.

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