Trade Finance

Being able to take on extra business often relies upon the availability of finance. Trade Finance is an innovative method of funding which can help your business to fulfil its growth potential when other, more traditional, methods of funding are difficult to access.

More specifically, Trade Finance bridges the gap between purchase and sale by providing funding for the procurement of goods. While it is most commonly utilised within the UK import and export market to fund goods prior to resale, Trade Finance can be applied more generally and used as an ongoing supply of cash against the value of invoices raised.

Trade Financiers usually fund 80% – 100% of the costs of goods (plus duty and VAT). This finance can take a variety of forms from a letter of credit, upfront funding against confirmed orders, direct supplier payments or even a cash advance. Our expert team can work with you to determine the best solution for your needs, and help manage the process from beginning to end.

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