Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance, often referred to as Bad Debt Insurance, is a tool designed to protect your business against the risk of not getting paid when you trade on open credit payment terms. The policy can be tailored to cover your entire sales ledger, a specific contract or customer or a catastrophe amongst your major customers, and enables you to recover up to 95% of bad debts.

Not only does Credit Insurance help you to manage the risk associated with new customers and markets, but the threat from existing customers is also reduced. Benefits include an early warning system for potential defaulters, improved cash flow through faster payments, and greater insight into your customers’ performance throughout the year by monitoring them daily.

Considering that 40% of the value of a typical company’s balance sheet is represented by invoiced sales on the ledger, a major default can have disastrous consequences. Even with the most sophisticated credit management systems, a positive result is never guaranteed. Credit Insurance acts as a safety net, protecting you from unforeseen losses.

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