Whole Turnover Policy

This is the most popular and wide ranging type of policy. It covers your entire sales ledger against non-payment through default or Insolvency and is structured to suit your company’s specific needs and objectives.

Typically, these policies have a low excess to exclude smaller predictable losses, and 85-95% indemnity is offered on each qualifying loss. A policyholder receives a blended low premium rate, which encompasses a range of high and low risk customers without attracting the higher rate that a specific individual account may incur.

Large debtors are usually vetted via a rapid response online credit limit request system. However, it is not always necessary to consult us to set credit limits for smaller debtors as a discretionary facility can be established. This provides the dual benefit of allowing speedy decisions to be made at your own discretion while managing costs, to ensure your interests are completely protected.

To find out more, please contact our Account Management team.